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General and Collections
10 clips of chinchilla videos at www.arkive.org
Michael Termathe's videos of babies with their parents.
Cheeky Chinchillas' play time videos.
Stockboy.com's two videos of their fast chinchillas.

5 videos of the Viscacha (the other member of the Chinchillidae family) at the BBC.
(In the search box type "Viscacha" to access the videos).

Show Grooming
This video shows how to properly hold the comb when grooming a chinchilla. The chinchilla in the video is eating shredded wheat, a good safe treat to use to keep the chinchilla still. The comb is a #4 comb, the largest comb there is. Prior to using a comb, it's a good idea to use a wide smooth cat comb, since chinchilla combs are needle-sharp and if you poke your chinchilla on the first try, it'll make all future groomings very difficult. Read the notes from the meeting held at the Riedstra Ranch for full directions on how to properly groom a chinchilla for a show.

Black Velvet being combed with a #4 comb while eating shredded wheat. 3.8 MB
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Kindra Mammone's videos of her chins giving birth and having contractions.

Michael Termathe's wide variety of sounds made by chinchillas.

Ohio Claim Show 2004
These movies won't show you the animals features very well due to compression, but they are very useful to hear the comments the judges make. They'll give you a better idea as to what judges look for, and the terms they use are descriptive enough that you can get a better grasp of what quality animals should look like.

The animals are only in the show cages for a short time. They are provided with fresh water, hay, and pellets to eat, and are not bothered or picked up except for the brief time the judges are looking at them.

Click here to download the Quicktime Player if you don't have it.

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Judging begins with some mosaics, a pink white, and some beiges. 5.4 MB
Judging continues with black velvets, light and medium ebonies, and the final winners in the show. 5.2 MB

2009 Ontario Chinchillas