Show Information.

February 18, ’07: The 8th meeting went off perfectly, we had lots of great food here and brought by the members, a show light to see clarity issues, and we learned lots about the other qualities judges look for at the shows. We also looked at the history of Angoras and Dwarfs, and spoke about some common health remedies you can do at home, along with an example of a “first aid kit”. We also had another grooming tutorial with the talented Vanessa. Click here for complete notes from the meeting. Our next meeting will be close to the next MCBA Nationals in winter.

August 19, ’06 : The 7th meeting and BBQ was great, tons of delicious food and lots of newcomers. It was great meeting you all! At the meeting, we had a few presentations by our members about a variety of topics. We saw a skull of a chinchilla, how the teeth grow and discussed malocclusion. We also talked about ways to identify when a female chinchilla is sick, particularly in breeding practices. Other topics involved fur chewing, eye care, and heat problems.

Our next meeting will be in the winter, likely before the Michigan MCBA chapter show.

Feb 25th, ’06: Our 6th meeting was a great success! 13 people in attendance, with a big dinner and some excellent desserts. Thanks to everyone who made it!

Our topics of discussion included the following:
. Video footage from Midland Michigan show.
. The genetics of qualities (fur strength, clarity etc).
. Common health problems, how to avoid and cure them on your own.
. Ideas of how to write a live animal guarantee.
. Hay Info, cut and baled, the differences between 1 st cut vs 2nd cut etc.
. Mutation development history with interesting facts.

Our next meeting will likely be some time in the summer or early fall. Thanks again! Click here for complete notes from the meeting, including .rtf files you can read and print in any word application.

July 31, ’05: Our 5th get-together was hosted in Whitby. We had a beautiful day for a barbecue, the food was very filling. We had 5 baby chinchillas of varying ages and we all got a chance to handle them, determine how a full belly feels, and try our hand at hand feeding the squirmy bundles of cute. We also saw how to mix up some hand feeding formula, and learned the circumstances at which to intervene. We also talked about the various things that can go wrong with a chin birth, problems with hand feeding, and various tips and tricks to make the experience easier. See here for notes from the meeting.

March 19, ’05: Our 4th meeting was devoted to a grooming seminar. We had enough chinchillas here for everyone to try grooming with real chinchilla combs, and we helped eachother out on perfecting techniques. People brought their own chins and with the help of show lights, we gave what input we could on the different characteristics that judges look for at shows. Dinner was served, hamburgers and homemade soup, and everyone had a great time talking about our little friends. Our next meeting will be some time after the NCBC Ontario Show on April 16th.

Feb 10, ’05: Our 3rd meeting was really informative! Tom and Greg Riedstra shows us around their ranch and shared their experiences with us, answering our questions, and overall played great hosts to a wonderful night! Check here for the notes from the meeting.

Nov 20, ’04: Our second meeting was great! We had about 30 minutes of footage from the ohio show, as well as a bunch of standards to compare and contrast clarity, confirmation, fur strenght and density, belly whiteness, conditions of prime, and overall show quality under a decent enough show light. We also had samples of hay that’s gone to varying degress of bad, the quality chart that is being sold on the chins and quills forum, and a ton of new products such as our ledges, toys, calendars, bulbs, and cards. There was some great food as well, and lots of wonderful chin stories! We’ll be going to the Midland Michigan show in December, so there should be another meeting in January or early February. The next meeting will talk more about our upcoming show, and more about mutations, since there will be more mutations at the upcoming show.

Click here to view the video files from the Ohio show you can download and watch.

Aug 21: Our first meeting on August 21, 2004 was a great success! 9 chin owners and 14 chins were present, learning loads of new things and having tons of fun!

We decided that perhaps a meeting every two months would be best, or whenever we find out a bunch of new information to share. And of course, the website will be a constant place of updates, too.