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This website is dedicated to chinchilla owners in Ontario, but of course all are welcome. We will strive to give people living in Ontario useful information on where to buy foods, supplies, and new chins, the locations of great chinchilla vets, local chinchilla photos and stories, and of course, information on meetings and shows!

Visit our forum and get in touch with others in the area!

06.05.2010. There's a high demand for chinchilla rescue work in Ontario right now, far too many chinchillas are bought without enough research and end up neglected, sick, then cast aside to shelters or another worse home. If you're interested in providing a healthy, happy forever home, please check out the forum, specifically this thread.
04.12.2010. Ferret Nation cages are on sale at Petsmart. This is a fantastic cage for adult chinchillas, very durable, great size, and brilliant when the shelves are replaced with wood shelves. It is highly recommended by a vast number of chinchilla owners, and have been difficult to find in Canada in the past without expensive shipping involved. Sale on till possibly april 27th. www.petsmart.com Ferret Nation Cage.
06.22.2009. There are lots of chinchillas in need of homes. Please, before buying from a pet store, check out Kijiji, forums and our classifieds first, as pet stores won't replenish if the chins aren't selling, but previously owned chinchillas that need homes will end up in shelters or worse. Help the animals truely in need, and keep the unnecessary pet store demand low.
09.07.2008. The central OC store has been disolved, with great regret. You can still locate all the same supplies through the sellers here, or check out these other recommended sellers on our forum.
05.29.2008. The warm weather season is here, do you have your air conditioners ready? 60 to 70 F, too long over the max and heat stroke will claim their lives quickly. Visit this link for further tips.
01.01.2008. There have been some store changes. Visit this thread for details.
12.01.2007. The 2008 Calendars are now available! Visit this page to view our photo lineup and for fast instant payment options.
08.24.2007. The new show season is starting at the start of October. Start grooming your animals!
07.16.2007. We now carry Lixit brand glass water bottles!
06.27.2007. The new 1st cut hay is in stock! Sneezably fresh.
03.17.2007. The notes from the 8th meeting are up here. Also, please view this thread for carpooling info to the Nationals, post if you want to come!
12.15.2006. Happy Holidays everyone! Many items in our store are on sale to celebrate this time of year, check it out! Sale ends the last week of December.
09.03.2006. The fall/winter show season is fast approaching. The next nearest show will be the Ohio claim show October 28th. See here for details, further information will become available closer to the show, including car pool offers.
08.30.2006. The meeting/BBQ was great, tons of delicious food and lots of newcomers. It was great meeting you all!
03.02.2006. Our meeting was a great success, we had 13 people, loads of great food, and lots to talk about. Check out our meetings notes section for notes you can download and read.
11.02.2005 Our trip to the Ohio Claim show went great, lots of beautiful animals there including many that are now Canadian citizens. Our next meeting will probably be in December or January, more info to follow.

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